Weekly Dev Resources: June 21, 2021

Weekly Dev Resources: June 21, 2021

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Toni Tesori

Published on Jun 21, 2021

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The quote on this morning's Momentum Dash really spoke to me:

"Most people quit because they look at how far they have to go, not how far they have come."

As I've worked through #100DaysOfCode, I've realized how helpful tracking my daily progress is for seeing how far I've come and what I've learned along the way.

With that thought in mind, I've decided to start sharing the resources that have helped me each week in hopes that they can help someone else too!

📖 Reading

A Beginners Guide to Web Accessibility for Developers

I firmly believe that accessibility should play a key role in the web development process! Although this series is still a WIP, the thoroughness of the first 3 published parts makes me want to share it far and wide!

Better in Black: Rethinking our Most Important Buttons

Loved this quick article about how the team at Spotify prioritized accessibility and solved a UI design challenge - sometimes the best solutions are the simplest!

📺 Watching

Learn React Authentication with Firebase

I've been working on a React application and was preparing to add authentication. I knew I wanted to use Firebase, but had no idea how to go about it. As usual, Web Dev Simplified does a fantastic job of detailing the process in a clear, understandable way!

How to Add Drag and Drop in React with React Beautiful DnD

The app I've been working on needed drag-and-drop functionality, and since I hadn't implemented that previously, I needed some help with the process. This quick video, along with the egghead.io tutorial from the React Beautiful DnD creators, helped me figure out the implementation without (too much) frustration!

👩‍💻 Doing

Registering for CodeLand 2021

After my fantastic experience at the Women Who Code Connect conference, I've been jonesing for another! Luckily, the folks at Dev.to announced their Codeland conference, and I immediately signed up. So excited for the learning and connections!

Ordering Tea from Tiesta

Thanks to a friend on Twitter, I’ve remembered my love for hot tea and have ordered a ton of samples to try out. I'm excited to spend my days drinking something other than coffee and water 😂 Especially looking forward to Blueberry Wild Child and Nutty Almond Cream!

What's your favorite resource from this past week? I'd love to check it out - let me know in the comments!

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